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we help married couples overcome porn USE AS A TEAM

Learn how one moment of courage can help you live a life of freedom. By being vulnerable with your spouse and conquering this issue together, you can create not only more intimacy and connection in your marriage but also make an impact on countless others!


40 million adults in the U.S. visit porn sites on a regular basis

Excessive interest in porn was a significant factor in
56% of divorces

1 in 5 searches
on a mobile device are for porn

63% of millennial men and 21% of women
say they view porn at least several times each week

"My issue was, and is with pornography, is that it changes the way you think about people. people become objects, people become body parts; they become things to be used rather than people to be loved"
-Terry Crews

Can you relate?

  • Are you tired of living a double life?

  • Are you concerned about your spouse finding out about your porn use?

  • Have you told your spouse but you aren't sure how to get on the same page?

  • Have you tried to quit watching porn and just can't seem to do it?

  • Are you feeling ashamed and like your spouse could never understand?

We understand all the feelings. For men & women struggling with watching porn compulsively, and for women being the spouse of someone who just can't seem to quit. It's often not until you are out of the midst of struggle that you realize all the side effects in other areas of your life that are caused by frequent porn use. We want to teach you how, as a couple, you can transform your relationship, welcome vulnerability in a healthy way, grow together and make your marriage even stronger!



Hello! We are Emmanuel and Bekah Guarino. We have been married since 2017 and we have two amazing sons. After struggling with a porn addiction and the negative effects it had on our marriage for years, we have made it to the other side (with plenty of mistakes you can learn from)! 

For a number of years we were working as some of the top real estate agents selling assisted living homes in Arizona, and we also were working for our family business. Emmanuel was a national speaker in the assisted living space and went all around the country educating thousands of people. Bekah was the director of operations and ran in person and online events.


Things outwardly were going well for us: we were making a lot of money, had great positions and Emmanuel even got the opportunity to do a Ted X talk! However, there was strife in our home due to Emmanuel's porn addiction that was causing all kinds of negative ramifications in our relationship. We started turning things around together when Covid hit (watch our stories for more details on how). In 2022, we ultimately felt God calling us to make a drastic change and pursue helping other people overcome porn use full time.


We are passionate about helping others who are currently feeling stuck, uncertain on how to regain intimacy or freedom, and want to move forward after longterm struggles with porn.


Our mission is to help other couples, singles and teens overcome porn use and have relationships and lives filled with vulnerability and freedom. We don't believe that struggling with porn is a death sentence for your future. You CAN heal from the hurt, rewire your brain and cultivate an intimate relationship once again or for the first time!

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