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Whether you are a student of ours who wants to share their new found freedom with others, or someone with a platform to reach many and cares about our mission of helping people quit porn for good - we want you to earn commissions for all those you help get signed up for one of our 30 day programs! 

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How it works:

ideas for earning commissions:


Word of mouth

Share with the people in your circle. There is a very high probability friends or family members of yours are also struggling with porn, and sharing this program with them is a great place to start paying it forward, and earning a commission in the process!


Online/in person groups

Involved in a small group?  Part of an online community?  This issue affects people in all walks of life and by sharing your links with members of groups you are a part of you can make a huge impact.


Social Media

Do you have a healthy amount of followers on your Instagram or Facebook? A post sharing your success story could go a long way to encourage someone else to sign up under your links and find healing for themselves! 


Reddit/Quora threads

There are so many threads on reddit, quora, etc. that are discussing quitting porn and other programs out there. One opportunitity would be to post your own experience with a link to our programs to help those who are looking for answers on those threads!


Posting comments on
relevant videos

Whether it's youtube, instagram, tik tok, you name it.. lots of people are in the comments. If you get content or look for content surrounding getting off of porn or big influencers who are talking about the issue, you could post your testimonial with a way to dm you for links 


Get creative!

There is truly no limit to the way you can reach people with this message of hope! Sharing your own personal experience or what you know to be true about the porn industry and how it's harming our society can help unlock freedom for someone on the other side of the world! Thank you for joining us in this fight to help as many people as possible

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