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Protect your devices with

Covenant Eyes

One of the reasons it is so incredibly hard to quit watching porn is the constant access we have. It would be ridiculous for us to think it would be a good idea for an alcoholic to work in a bar. So why do we think it is okay for those struggling with this addiction to have porn in their pockets, on their laptops and T.V.s. The bottom line is the temptation is too strong and because porn has eroded their ability to say no to almost all triggers, Covenant Eyes is a must. 

With Covenant Eyes your brain can start to rewire with ease. When you get tempted your brain no longer has the same options as it had before and so the rewiring process can take place uninterrupted. For more information on how Covenant Eyes works and our experience using it watch the video below.

Click below to get started. Use promo code "VULNERABLE" to receive one month free on Covenant Eyes! 

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